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Choosing Your Album Images

The following guidelines should help you in making the right choices in regards to choosing the images you wish to have displayed in your final presentation album. Please read the instructions below carefully and have all your image choices ready BEFORE filling out the form.

For Silver & Gold Packages you can select a maximum of 50 pictures of varying sizes to make up your final album. For the Diamond Package you can choose 60. And for Elite Package 70 images. However we do recommend choosing less than the maximum if you can, as this allows us to make more of the images larger and greater freedom with design.

With your selections now made, please highlight about 8-10 of your favourite images. These images will have greater emphasis within the album and may take up a whole page in itself. We will take care of the sizes for all the other images so as to ensure they fit within the layouts of the album perfectly.

When choosing a print you wish to have in the final album you will see a written number at the bottom of the main photo. (e.g. _AS13468) Please enter these numbers into a document page (txt, doc file e.t.c) that you can later cut and paste into the form below .  As part of the process we do basic (subtle) body retouching and cleaning up of skin tones. But you can also request other specific cosmetic changes if you feel they are important to you. Please keep these requests to a minimum however as large scale retouching and alterations may incur extra charges.

If you want to keep the whole process simple. Then just choose the images you want and we are more than happy to organise them creatively to how we may think it best fits in the album. If you are having a magazine or fine-art album and wish to add text into your album (e.g. poem, vows) please just supply them with your album selection and we will find a place in the layout.

Once we have retouched your selections and designed the album pages we will send you a link of how it all will look as a finished album. Here you can look it over, request changes and/or approve the design so it can go to print. The album will never be finalised until you are happy with how it looks and have approved it personally. We are open to any suggestions/alterations you may have in mind. However depending on the requests charges may incur. You can ask to have additional pages added to the album (such as spreading out an existing 2 page layout into 4 pages) Adding additional pages costs $250 per page (2 sides) including basic changes.


NB: Albums will always be made up with a mix of colour, B&W and toned images. If you do not want any variant in the album please request that you want the album to be all colour or all B&W.

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Brides Name *
Brides Name
Grooms Name *
Grooms Name
Album Type *
Once you have made your image selections. Copy and paste your image titles and any related info into this box (eg: AS15467, MG29385...etc)
Retouched Album Images on USB - $600
These are the extra photoshopped versions that appear in your album. Full camera resolution and Copyright free. They also come in a beautiful personalised storage case
Photo Cover & Name/Date Embossing
If your package has photo cover & embossing included, you will not be charged
Leather Covers (Gold package & Above)
For a leather cover on Silver package - $100
Vinyl (Faux Leather)
All Album Packages
Vinyl (Sophia)
All Album Packages
Vinyl (Sumeria)
All Album Packages
Imperial Linen
All Album Packages
All Album Packages
All Album Packages
Silk Asahi (Gold Package & Above)
For silk on Silver Package - $100

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